Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top Ten Gift Ideas for Boardgame Lovers

While many people enjoy playing computer games, there are others who enjoy board games, which are still quite popular. It is a nice way to spend some time with your family and friends. Here are ten gift ideas for board game lovers.

Adult Board Games- yes, there is such a thing as board games for adults. You can play with your spouse, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or a group of friends. Here are a few: Nooki, which takes a playful look at romance. Gamers can play in three categories, Mmm, Ooh, and Ash. Dirty Minds is a game of innuendo, and can be played by 2 or more players. The game comes with 906 naughty clues, 302 clean answers, 100 game cards, and plus plenty of other features. Worst Case Scenario: Dating and Sex, and can be played by 2 or more players. This game is based on a best-selling book where each player is given three possible answers to a given scenario. Monogamy Adult Board game, this game include 400 fun ideas and comes with one playing board, 65 intimate card, 65 passionate cards, and 65 steamy card, plus much more. Price range for all these games are between $5.00 to $40.00

Mystery Board Games-who does not love a good mystery? Most of these board games are for players ages 8 and up. Here are a few: 3 Second Mysteries, where a continual line of people enters Butchs place of business and remove its highly valued treasures. What type of business employs Butch and what are people stealing? 22 B Baker Street board game, is the address of one of the most famous detectives in history Sherlock Holmes. Players assume the role of Holmes and matches wit with other players to determine who possess the most skillful deductive powers. Top Secret Spies, where players become spies and can score points for their spying . Players also score points if they figure out the spy identity of their opponents. Simpson Clue, players assume the identity of one of the Simpsons character and try to figure out who killed Mr.Burns.

Strategic Games- playing a strategic game takes time and deliberation. Chess is an old but still one of the best strategic games around. If you dont know how to play chess there are plenty of books that will teach you. Goblet is more of a abstract strategic game, where gamers play with hollow out wooden pieces, then must play them over their opponent (goblet) smaller pieces. Tantrix Strategy Game is where players compete to see who can form the longest line or loop. Zertz, where gamers play with black, grey, and white marbles and 37 round tiles. The object of the game is to move your marbles across the board and in the next move, they must remove a tile.

TV/Film Board Games- everybody has watch or seen a movie. Why not get a board game that replicates your favorite television game show, or test your knowledge of movies/TV? Here are a few board games for your consideration: Deal or NoDeal, Jeopardy board game, Family Feud, Can You Beat Ken? Named after Jeopardys most successful contestant, Movies Quote Craze, and their are a host of Pirates of the Caribbean board games on the market like Pirates oft the Caribbean DiceGame, where the most deceitful player wins.

Family Board Games- a wholesome way to spend time with your family. Here are a few games: Anti-Monopoly Game, a new twist on an old favorite. Players choose free enterprise or monopoly, and they play under different rules? Best of Chronologygame, where players who put ten cards in the correct chronological order first wins. Othello board game is played with only 2 players. The winner of the game must finished with more of their colored disk facing up, when the last disk is played then their opponent.

War Board Games- are varied. There are war board games dealing with War World I, War World II, American Wars, Ancient Wars, European Wars, and Civil War. It can be an interesting way to teach a child about history. Most of these games can be played by children 12 and up. Some of these games include: Nero board game, where the strategy is to become Emperor, and stay Emperor. A House Divided, the game simulates many battles during the American Civil War. Road to Berlin, where players deal with the last days of War World II in Europe. War Board Games are often priced higher then other types of board games, so dont be surprised at paying close to $100.00 dollars or higher for one.

Biblical Board Games- there are plenty of board games on the market that has Christian themes, with such titles like Bible Raffle, Solomons Temple, Bibleopoly and Ark of the Convenant

There are plenty of other types of board games out there that has not been mentioned in this article: Art and Geography board games are two of them, rest assured there is a board game out there for you.

By Avis Yarbrough,

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